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How to hide hard disk drives

Posted: 27 Jun 2010 03:09 PM PDT

Do you have something very important documents in your computer or your laptop ? And you want to hide them from anyone who has access or might have access to your computer when you are away from your computer.There may be some softwares available in the market for doing this job but you can simply do it by using your command promt in windows. It works superbly and you wont have to worry about your secret files/folders .

  • Go to Start->Run->cmd to open your Command prompt .
  • Now type diskpart and hit enter.( Note you must have administrator privileges ).
  • Now a prompt will open like DISKPART
  • Type Diskpart>list volume to see the number of drives you have in your computer.
  • Now Type Diskpart>select volume f .Here I have selected f because I want to hide F drive . Choose the letter you want to hide.
  • Then Type Diskpart>remove letter f . And you are done your drive with letter f is now hidden and it wont show up when you open my computer.
  • You may be prompted to restart the system restart it .
  • Now again if you want to access that folder again open diskpart following the above instructions. Now you will see that that drive is showing but no letter is assigned to it.
  • So now type Diskpart>select volume 3 . As I have removed volume 3 so selecting 3 you may change it.
  • Now after selecting type Diskpart>assign letter f and you ll again have access to that drive .

Here are the screenshots that will help you.

Hiding the drive:

hide your hard drives How to hide your hard drives

To again get back the drives:

how to hide hard drives How to hide your hard drives

So now enjoy hiding your files/folders and this will be greatly helpful for guys like me who have to hide lot of things from parents in home.

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