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Posted: 30 Sep 2010 02:20 PM PDT

Many times you might have noticed  an add-on works just fine in a more recent version but firefox wont let you install them, because they have not been tested for compatibility against the recent version. There are ways to circumvent this forced protection, we will describe a few of them here … but be forewarned … these methods are risky and may destabilize your firefox installation. In such cases open firefox in safe mode and disable these addons. In the previous post we wrote about Firefox 4 beta , and thought that many people might have been facing this problem.
So, here’s the solution on how to make an incompatible add-on compatible for Firefox :
Option #1. One way to do so would be to install an add-on from mozilla itself called Compatibility Reporter which is primarily intended for users who wish to  test and report the compatibility of add-ons with various Firefox releases.
The interesting part about this add-on is that it will automatically configure your Firefox to install and use add-ons that are otherwise incompatible with your release of Firefox.
Option #2. This method is not recommended because making incorrect changes to firefox configuration can play havoc with your browser, for those still interested : type about:config in your browser address bar and agree to the warning message. Now right click inside the browser, choose New –> Boolean, type the preference name as extensions.checkCompatibility.4.0b and set it to False.
Option #3.If there are one or two addons that you want to try out, then disable compatibility checking against all addons might not be a good idea. Instead of doing the same, you can download the extension (the .xpi file) to your computer, unzip it and change the value of em:maxVersion under install.rdf file to 4.0.* – now pack the extension again and drag-n-drop to your Firefox browser. This might be a bit cumbersome for inexperienced users.
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Posted: 30 Sep 2010 01:48 PM PDT

As competition between browsers gets more and more intense, it is ultimately the user who gets to win … and the recent beta version of firefox 4 confirms that yet again.
Mozilla has made several radical changes to the user-interface, many of them modelled after google’s browser chrome. Tab bar has been shifted to the top and a minimal drop down button has been added to top-left corner – probably inspired by the recent user-interface changes made by opera browser. All in all the user-interface now seems to be a  lot more sleeker and spares more space for the web-content.
Apart from the glossy looks, Firefox 4 has a plethora of features to offer.  The new interface features a very handy tab grouping facility, which enables users to group together and hence better manage tabs. Also tab iconification has now been integrated into the interface. While these features were previously attainable through the use of add-ons, having them as an integral part of the user-interface straight out of the box ensures a seamless user experience, something that add-on developers many a times fail to provide.
Another killer feature is integration of sync. Users can now sync bookmarks, open tabs and passwords without installing any additional add-on. Again although this was achievable previously through addon Mozilla weave, its a crucial feature and integrating it into the browser is a welcome move.
Apart from these there are many other enhancements like many-fold increment in speed and faster loading times. Mozilla has always been a supporter of recent advancements in html and css standards and has improved support for html 5 and css3.
Also mozilla now enables graphic acceleration (in windows) and multi-touch support, making it an even more strong competitor to internet explorer.
Now, last but not the least, we come to the probably well known feature of firefox … extensibility via add-ons. The huge community of developers continually toils to improve user-experience in innovative ways. Firefox 4 makes the work lot easier for developers with the jet-pack sdk which provides developers new and advanced means to develop add-ons which can be installed without restarting the browser.
Well, what about the addons already out there ? Unfortunately, as the firefox 4 is still very new and is still in beta phase, add-ons developers will need to catch up and update their creations for the latest version.
Download Firefox 4 beta version from here .
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Posted: 30 Sep 2010 08:12 AM PDT

App development is currently the buzz in the startup arena. Sourcebits Technologies being one of the top application development companies, we wanted to cover them at Comptalks too. Coincidentally, they also had a Pre Placement Talk at IIT Kharagpur. We immediately reached out to Rohit Singal, founder and CEO of Sourcebits. We present the interview with Rohit.
Hi Rohit, welcome to Computer Talks we are pleased to have you with us.
Rohit Singal, Sourcebits
CT (Comptalks): When did you actually think of founding a software development company and what intrigued you about it?
R (Rohit): I got my first computer when I was in my second year of MBBS (1997) and that was the turning point for me. Early on, it was used merely for playing games and tinkering around over a dial up modem — I never thought I’d utilize it into my profession. Moving forward, I went on to pursue my MD in Radio-diagnosis (the only field in medicine where computers are used for almost everything). By the time I completed Radio-diagnosis, I knew exactly where I belonged.

CT: As you are of “Medical Sciences” background, what drew your interest in software development and entrepreneurship in general?
R: While I was pursuing my MD in Radio-diagnosis, there was a requirement for PACS (Picture Archival and Communication Software) in the university and I came across an open source solution for the Mac (Osirix), which I implemented in my university. The university gave me some funds for this and here began my entrepreneurial journey. Barely 3 Months after receiving the MD degree in Radio-diagnosis, I founded Sourcebits and began developing Macintosh apps.

CT: What are your future plans?
R: Keep doing Awesome!

CT: What is the objective and future plans of Sourcebits, say in 5 or 6 yrs where do you see Sourcebits?
R: The objective? — Evolve Sourcebits from a pure services business to a product business. Presently, we have an app-publishing division called SpoonJuice, and we have published apps that have been downloaded by over 4 million people. Moreover, we have also recently started a game publishing division, known as Wandake. Under this banner, we are publishing some top notch games such as Robokill ( Video ), The Gun Game (Video ) and Wake Up the Box ( Video ).

CT: How is the applications (iphone/ipad/android/…) marketplace going to change, and what is level of competition in app development companies? 
R: Over the last couple of years, we’ve been seeing some tremendous technological improvements in mobile hardware. The gadgets and devices we use and not only getting smaller and powerful, but we’re also seeing technologies and hardware that we’d never have imagined in the palm of our hands. Case in point – GPS and Gyroscopes. Moreover, the OEMs and partners are releasing OS SDKs into the market, so we have a number of companies tapping onto the power of this raw hardware. And we’re seeing some exceptional software available for our phones these days. As we progress, the devices are going to get even better so the market is definitely growing to accommodate newer ideas, quality software and everything that meets the needs of the customers.

CT: Are you looking for partnership with any industry giant or any sort of funding from VC/PE firms?
R: Yes, absolutely. Provided, the VC’s are ready to come at our terms and conditions.

CT: How do you intend to market Sourcebits’ products?
RT: I know this may sound clich├ęd, but we let our products do the talking. We strive hard to put only the best – both in design and function, out there. Of course, there’s a wee bit of social media canvasing and at time, advertising, but our products usually end up being covered by most of the popular media sites in the market today. Some examples:123,etc.

CT: Finally, how many students are you looking to hire from IIT Kharagpur campus, this year and do you have IIT alumni at Sourcebits? 
R: About 15

I on behalf of “Computer Talks” thank you for sharing your thoughts with us.
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Posted: 30 Sep 2010 06:36 AM PDT

With the final release set to roll out on 10.10.10 ( 10th October 2010 ), the release candidate is now available for download. This release will be very similar to the final one. All development activities are freezed and only patching will follow from now on. The CD images and torrents can be downloaded from
Whats New ?

  • The new integrated Sound Indicator Panel Item.
  • Improved Software Center with option for Paid apps.
  • New interactive Installation Scheme that saves time.
  • The New Ubuntu Font.
  • Shotwell Photo Organizer.
  • The New Unity Desktop Environment for Netbook users
  • Collection of Latest Softwares
Wait for a complete review which shall arrive soon !!! :)
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